Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Charity Sewing

I have been working on the First Day of School Project this weekend since our July 11 donation day is rapidly approaching.

The girl's outfit is essentially done, although I'm still considering some trimmings to "girlie" it up a little bit. The pattern has some fabric bows in one of the pant views--how cute would that be on the capri pants! And if I'm feeling ambitious, I also have some pretty lace for the hem of the matching peasant top.

The boy's outfit is well underway with the sewing I did on Saturday. Last weekend I actually found some decent cotton twill that coordinated with the shirt, so I've been working on them this weekend. I modified the pattern to include a fly zipper, which worked out pretty well. I used a combination of Sandra Betzina's technique and the method shown in McCall's 6391, which happens to be the pattern I found that has fly front shorts...for a girl.

I consulted with DH and learned that the fly stitching needs to be on the left side for boys, which is the opposite of the pattern. So I worked in mirror image, and I'm very pleased with the results. More fly front garments in my future after this!!  I'm keeping elastic in the waistband as well, because I don't have an exact size for the little recipient.

In addition to finishing the shorts, I need to make buttonholes for the boy's shirt and sew on buttons. That shouldn't take too long.

I had hoped to have some more outfits made but I think two will be all I can do for this year. The coordinator of the project wants to do it again next year, so I'll do more in between other projects and have them ready for next time.

I'm hoping to post some pictures tomorrow (fingers crossed), so you can see what I've been working on  for the kids.

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