Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vogue Fabrics Haul

Really, I had fully intended not to buy any fabric while in Chicago. I have more than enough. But then I heard the siren song of Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. The mothership of the company. I weakened, and I bought.

Honestly I could have done worse. I tried to keep the choices interesting and different. And I also kept in mind that Vogue Fabrics has a website.

I bought a couple of cottons. The lavender print is lady superheroes, which will be perfect for some pajama pants. This was actually the most expensive fabric I got at $11.99 per yard. The multicolor print is Paris inspired and there is a black border along the lower edge. $7.99 a yard.

I also got a variety of other fabrics. The print on the left with the portraits from Old Master paintings is actually a stretch denim. The other side is perfectly usable textured blue. $7.99 per yard. The green is a drapey rayon. I am a sucker for script on fabric. $6.99 a yard. The black, cream and blue is an ITY knit for a possible dress.  $6.99 a yard.


Anonymous said...

Fun fabrics, Nancy

RhondaBuss said...

Darn you Nancy!! I haven't been to Vogue for quite a while and now I want to go. That Paris inspired print is just too cute and I REALLY like the ITY knit. So happy that you found some fun things while you were here. So sorry that I didn't get to spend a little time with you. Hopefully you can come next year. I hope, I hope!!