Monday, March 26, 2012

Material Girls, March Issue

Sunday was the monthly Material Girls meeting. Because our usual meeting place, Ann Silva's, is moving this weekend, we were invited to meet at Stitchology. You might recall my previous post on this shop when it opened last fall.

This month, I cut out some new tops. I'm still on a TSW tear--I cut out both shirts from the Now and Zen pattern.

I've made the Now (right) several times but the Zen (left) is a new one for me.

I used some of the cottons that I've been buying from local independents. The Zen's fabric came from Nob Hill Fabrics and is part of Terrie Mangat's Rio Grande series.

This one is called Rooted in Rock.

I cut the Now out of a Japanese print cotton that I bought on a previous visit to Stitchology. Even with additional yardage, it was a little touch and go. I barely eked out enough due to the combination of adding some length, large motifs and pattern matching. In the end, I was able to make it work but I was worried for a while there.

That should do me for a little while. There are plenty of other items I want to sew now that the weather's warming up and hopefully will make some progress on sewing some springtime items.


RhondaBuss said...

I love the Asian piece. Can't wait to see it made up. I get so jealous when I see some of your fabric finds!!!!!

Martha said...

I agree. I just pulled this pattern out tonight. I've never made either view. Can't wait to see yours.