Monday, October 10, 2011

In Search of Dark Green Pants

I've recently made two different pairs of pants from the same fabric. I've concluded that I have a lot of green tops in my wardrobe and need something to coordinate with them. Both pairs were made from Sewing Workshop Patterns; I've had decent luck with their pants in the past.

The first pair was made from the Mimosa Pants pattern.

They came out all right, but not my favorite. I think the time for this style has passed for now. I found the legs too wide for my taste.

 I'll keep them for a while though, and maybe I'll like them better next time I wear them. If not, then they'll go to the donation pile. Life is too short, you know? One good thing--I really liked the instructions for installing the invisible zipper, so I'll use them as a reference. I also had a chance to use a Bernina invisible zipper foot that I've had for over a year--such an improvement over the plastic ones!

I still had plenty of the fabric left over after completing the Mimosa Pants, so I decided to use it to try out the new Quincy Pants pattern.

Now, these I love! Although they're elastic waist pants, they have a slim fit.  The hanger shot is a little wonky, but they hang nicely when on. The drawing is fairly representative of how they hang on a person.

I cut and sewed a size smaller than my current measurements but they worked out fine. I included the loop and button feature on the side seams, but it would be pretty simple to leave them off. Just redraw the lower edge of the pants so they're perpendicular to the grain. I think I'll be making more from this pattern, as they'll be perfect with tunics and sweaters. I rarely wear a tucked in shirt anyway.

The fabric is a very dark shade of green. Even with lightening the photos, I'm not sure if you can see much detail due to the color. However,  we haven't switched from swamp cooling to heat yet and the house is cold. I'm minimizing clothing changes as much as possible since temperatures are in the low 60's in here.

The fabric is a rayon/tencel blend that I bought from the Fashion Fabrics Club in 2003. Nicely aged.


shams said...

Those Quincy pants look nice, though I'd love to see them on. :)

I have several SW pants that I love, though I haven't tried those yet.

NancyDaQ said...

Yeah, I know. I'm hoping to grab a shot once I have a chance to actually wear them. Unlike a lot of clothes, you really need to see how they look on a body.

Martha said...

I too am anxious to see these on. Does the fabric have nice drape? I made the quincy pants out of a rayon/linen blend - too stiff, I think. And you were wise to cut the smaller size. Mine were huge. Maybe I'll give them another try in a fabric with better drape. Thanks for the post.

Mary said...

SW illustrations grab me and I have to stop and take a breath. Will they really work on MY body? I love the Quincy pants, and as for the wide legged pants above, I like those also. They may be not at the height of fashion now, but will return.

Jilly Be said...

I too REALLY want to see those pants on the body! I have to alter the heck out of SW tops, & haven't made any pants yet, but I so love the overall SW style. Thanks for bringing these pants to my attention :)

Janine said...

LIke the others I would be interested to see how the quincy pants look on you. I think the other pants look really nice too - good to have used some of your older stash as well - that always feels very satisfying.