Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Progress: Simplicity 2154

This pattern is my latest project. I'm making the cardigan, shown in orange in the large envelope photo. I selected this because I wanted a cardigan that had features similar to a lot of ready to wear that I'm seeing right now--crew neck, straight front opening, etc. This 1960's retro pattern really fit the bill. It even calls for a grosgrain ribbon facing, which I've noticed in several recent cardigans that I've bought. And I'm also old enough to remember when that's how all cardigans were done.

In addition to that, the sleeve has a fairly high cap. It's installed in the round because side seam is drafted about 2" toward the back of the cardigan. I was going to change it but I like this detail, as it reduces some of the bulk that can happen with intersecting seams.

I'm making a test version from some sweater knit that's been aging in my stash since 2002. It's a gray cheetah print that looks great, but unfortunately, it hides most of the pattern details. It's a test run of this pattern for some nicer sweater knit that I was unwilling to sacrifice to the unknown. So far it's a success, but I still need to make buttonholes for it-eek!! I spent some time this afternoon making sample front openings to experiment with but I don't want to start on buttonholes until I'm fresh. So I probably won't finish this one until next weekend, but that's ok.

After the sweater samples, I made a few seam samples for the next project after this one, a faux fur vest that I've christened The Smudge Vest. It's another test, using a remnant I acquired through ASG. It's white and resembles my cat's coat, hence the name.

I've had some questions about the booties I wore with the TSW outfit from a couple of weeks ago. I confess, I haven't really worn them in real life since winter 2010 when I was still in banking. At that time, they were surprisingly easy to wear, probably due to the extra leather and elastic fabric on the upper combined with the insoles I put in just about every pair of footwear I own.  But all that was pre-neuroma.  I'm being reasonably cautious about going back to heels especially since I don't have to wear them at my current job. I hope I can make them work eventually--they're a lovely pair of shoes, espresso croc-embossed leather from Talbot's.


Phyllis said...

How about bound buttonholes? I think those would be easier than regular ones. A bit of machine embroidery stabilzer would be just the trick.

Mary said...

You could also use snaps, but that may be too casual for your taste. I love the cardi you have planned and the Smudge Vest sounds interesting also. I am lacking any inspiration lately...I made dinner napkins today.

Anonymous said...

Neuromas don't go away, they get worse, until you have to do something about them. Had to have mine "nuked" with cortisone and so far that's been it. Although if I wore booties that like on even an infrequent basis, the podiatrist would be on speed dial. Thank goodness for a Birkenstock lifestyle.

Interesting cardi but not for me. One trip through the early 60s was enough but I always enjoy seeing other folks pull off a look I can't.

Theresa in Tucson

Duchesse said...

Oh I remember grosgrain cardis too- Villager. Had to have them. Love the ensemble. Come on, come on and make the skirt too, I know you can!