Friday, July 22, 2011

Minty Goodness

There's a reason I'm growing mint in my little patio garden, and this is it:

Mmmm, homemade mojitos! Here's the recipe, as Bacardi recommends:

1 1/2 Oz. Bacardi Superior Rum
Club Soda
12 Mint Leaves (I just use a good size sprig and don't remove the leaves from the stem)
1/2 Lime
2 Tbsp. Simple Syrup or 1 Tbsp. Sugar

Muddle 12 fresh mint leaves and 1/2 a lime. Cover with 2 Tbsp. of simple syrup or 1 Tbsp. of sugar and top with ice. Add 1 1/2 oz of BACARDI Superior Rum and top with Club Soda. Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of mint.

The chocolate mint that I'm growing is rather mild, so I use more mint than the recipe calls for. Otherwise, that's it. A refreshing beverage for a summer evening. I bet it would even be good without any rum in it.


gwensews said...

Sounds delish. My drink of choice is Raspverry Vodka with lemonade. I used diet, pink lemonade. Two tablespoons of raspberry voka in a tumbler with ice and lemonade.

alethia said...

Mojito is one my favorite summer drink. I use mint leaves only and blend the leaves in the blender with lemon juice, then I add ice and sugar and white rummmmmmmmm!