Monday, May 23, 2011

More on the Haul from Material Girls

You wanted pictures? Are you sure? 
Well, here goes....

They're not the tidiest shots, but I think they'll give you some idea of what's there. 

This first set is mostly in the washing machine right now.  Even with a Color Catcher, I thought it best to hold back a few of the lighter colored pieces.

The next group consists of wool, viyella, velvet, faux fur, ultrasuede, etc.

These are children's fabrics. I grabbed these because it's my understanding that my workplace is involved with the school system's clothing bank for homeless children. I've already talked about not liking charitable sewing, but anything made from these would be at my own pace, rather than an event with a definite place and deadline. We'll see what happens.

The fabrics are mostly cottons and cotton blends.

Patterns. I'll probably cull these down but there were some nice classics in there

I find it very difficult to ever pass up a free zipper, so these came home with me too.

So there's the haul to end all hauls. I really would like to use some of it--there's some quality stuff in there!


Mary said...

My happiness for you is tempered by extreme envy :-)

Gorgeous Things said...

Great haul, and how wonderful that your company (and you!) is working with the clothing bank!

shams said...

Wow! That'll keep you busy... or in muslins... :D

Sherril said...

Pattern heaven and some lovely fabric. If that's what they got rid of for free, I'd love to see what went for a price.

Sara said...

This is heaven! :)