Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Loes Hinse Cowl Tops: Last Garment of 2010 and First Garment of 2011

I talked about this pattern the other day and got around to a quick photo shoot this morning. Really quick, because my camera really needed immediate recharging!

I made the blue one per View A out of a beefy rayon blend knit from the late Lucy's Fabrics. I think Gorgeous Fabrics may have something similar. Nice weight, and cosy to wear.

I made the olive green one on New Year's Day. It's View A without the cowl. The fabric is a acrylic/cotton knit blend I got several years ago from Fashion Fabrics Club. The fabric is 2 layers--the face layer has a sweatery feel and is knitted to the back layer in a diamond pattern, forming the quilted texture. I omitted the cowl, feeling that it would be too many thick layers at the neck.

I lengthened both tunics by 2"; when I made this pattern last year, I felt like the length was just a skoash too short when worn with skinny pants. The extra length also allows me to add a belt if I want to.


Aminat said...

Those are two lovely tunics to fight the weather. Happy new year

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