Saturday, August 7, 2010

Office Progress

As you might recall from the Kokopelli post, I've been doing some decorating and organizing around the house. The valance isn't complete yet, it's still pinned onto the pole. Really, it doesn't look bad (but it would look better completed!).

Instead, I've been hanging pictures in our home office so it looks more put together. Here's the shrine to chiles:

Sorry, it's a little blurry because I was taking pictures without flash to minimize glare off the glass in the frames. Chiles are a big deal in New Mexico!

And this is a shot of the loveseat area:

I won the picture at the "Go Red for Women" luncheon last February. I'm a sucker for silent auctions. The little pony on the back of the loveseat is from my former employer, the bank. Every December, they're part of a new account promotion and my department always got a few to give to customers. I think he's much happier stripped of his corporate garb. I had planned to re-cover some pillows for the loveseat but decided not to when I discovered the Laurel Birch pillow and the ikat pillow really fit into the Southwest theme.

DH also encouraged me to hang up my diplomas, which were at the bank until recently. I was feeling hesitant about doing it, residue from the job I suppose, but in the end I put them up. A tile with a skeleton Kokopelli is at upper left. DH's birthday is November 1, dia del los muertos, so it was appropriate. Lower left is a photograph of Albuquerque's annual Balloon Fiesta.

Another view. This area is just left of my desk, a corner of which shows in the bottom right of the picture.

This picture of Georgia O'Keeffe with an Alexander Calder mobile had to have a place in the room. Georgia is an inspiration for me, while Calder was an alumnus of DH's alma mater. So it's perfect for "our" office. Of course, there have to be kitties. This little print is from a Northern New Mexico artist.

The office transformation is well underway. There are few remnants of Florida in the room; many of those items have been relocated to the sewing cave. The last two big things are painting the closet door that's still primer-only after blankety blank years and finishing off the valance. I almost mentioned the messy desks as a project, but that's probably going to be their normal state.


Gigi said...

The southwest is near and dear to my heart so of course I love all of your decorations! I have given up on my messy desk. Every time I clean it up it returns to it's messy state within a few days, sigh.

judi.0044 said...

Love the Laurel Burch pillow. Her memory lives on in all her lovely designs.