Monday, July 5, 2010

A Palate Cleanser

You never know when inspiration will strike. I've been looking for a project since getting home on Saturday, but between jet lag and unpacking, I couldn't figure out what to work on. Then I saw Barbara's post at sewing on the edge. I too needed a sewing sorbet after all the wedding prep.

So I pulled out napkins to work on today. It's a natural, since DH and I use cloth napkins at home. Some of them are looking rather tatty from age, wear and DH's "gourmet" laundry, which involves much hot water and bleach. It was also a chance to play around with the rolled edge settings of the Evolve.

I generally don't use "new" fabric for napkins, although I wouldn't rule it out. In the past, I've used random fat quarters. I'm not a quilter, so I usually don't have a use for them. I had several pieces ready to go--one of the things I've been doing when I finish a project with the right sort of fabric is to cut napkin-sized pieces from left over remnants. So far I've been using cotton prints, but linen would work well, too.

I have plenty more pieces ready to be edged, but nine were enough to re-stock the napkin drawer with a fresh supply.


SewingLibrarian said...

Belated best wishes to you and your husband, Nancy. And you look fabulous in your wedding ensemble! Re: this post, it must be napkin week. I bought 14 of them today!

Debbie Cook said...

It must be in the air - my whole weekend was a sewing sorbet. But it feels good to get some of these backlogged projects done and space cleared.

Gigi said...

I love all of your napkins! We too use only cloth napkins and I was saying just last night that I need to make some new ones. I wish I had some of those cool fabrics in my stash!

meredithp said...

What a great idea--cutting napkin sized scraps to have at the ready! I particularly love the cat batik fabric.