Sunday, July 25, 2010


I'm doing a little sprucing up around SewWest this afternoon. I've added some new features:
  • Sewing Project List
  • Labels cloud
  • Site Search
I'm also doing some editing on my sadly neglected blog roll. I'm fixing out-of-date links, adding new blogs I follow, and removing (sorry) some blogs that are no longer active.

Like everything else in life, this is a work in process. I may or may not be finished, so stop by again to see the latest changes.


sdBev said...

I understand and sympathize completely. Currently, I'm adding tags to my own blog posts. But I will be deleting blogs because the authors are going in directions I'm just not interested in pursuing. Looking forward to seeing your completed update

Mardel said...

I need to do some serious work on my blog too. Looking forward to seeing what you do.