Friday, June 4, 2010

The BIG Project: Focus on Skirt

Tonight I focused on the Vogue 2637 skirt. After handling the silk twill for the shell last night, I decided the skirt needed more body, so I cut the main skirt pieces from silk organza. The layers are pinned together and ready to be basted. I don't think the shell needs the additional support, so I won't underline that part of the ensemble. At least that's the current plan.
I also completed hand basting the mesh to the back bodice. The front bodice is still resting on Ms. Acme.
I want to respond to jillnjosh's comment on yesterday's BIG Project post. She said:

"I'm not being critical, but are you sure you want the embroidered motifs centered on that horizontal line?"

I was surprised by the question, but then I realized the picture is a little misleading because of the dress form's contours. Keep in mind that Ms. Acme's bust is a little more perky than mine, so it appears that the motifs will go right across the bust. In reality, I think I'm ok; my bust should be between rows of motifs. I have more mesh in case I need to re-cut. In any case, the front and back shoulder seams will need to be basted together before making a final decision.

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