Thursday, June 3, 2010

The BIG Project: Shell Lining and Overlay

The cutting is over! The shell lining pieces were cut out tonight. I got a little bit of sewing room real estate back too, since I no longer need the whole table top.

I also got started on the bling, the mesh overlay. Instead of cutting by pattern, I rough cut the mesh into rectangles, then pinned them to the silk twill pieces. Next, I'll hand baste the mesh in place at 5/8" from the edges. Once that's all done, I'll trim the mesh to size.

The back bodice was fairly easy to do since it's basically a flat piece with no shaping. I'm about halfway through the basting and I've trimmed most of the excess away.

The front bodice is a little more complicated since it has shaping in the form of armhole darts. I started by sewing the darts, then pinned the neck and armholes with the bodice flat on the table. Then I anchored it onto Ms. Acme and pinned the rest of the edges. I'm letting it rest on the form for now, then I'll re-pin again before basting.

Since the front bodice needs to rest, I'll start working on the skirt next. Hopefully, it'll come together quickly like the prototype so I can focus on the shell.

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jillnjosh said...

I'm not being critical, but are you sure you want the embroidered motifs centered on that horizontal line?

The fabric looks gorgeous. I'm sure it'll be a dream to sew.