Monday, May 31, 2010

The BIG Project: Plan B

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm taking another direction on the wedding ensemble. I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon working on a few refinements to My Hearts a Flutter, as well as picking out a skirt pattern. I finally made a surprising choice, considering that it's more of an easy type skirt than fitted. But think of it--the top part of the skirt will be covered by the shell, so do I really need to have a darted, zippered skirt for this?

The pattern I picked is an old one, Vogue 2637, copyright 1991. I've had this pattern for years and I originally bought it for the top and jacket, not so much the skirt, shorts and pants.

And of course, I had to prototype it since it's been a while since I've made any type of straight skirt. That's how I spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and part of Sunday. I used an embellished linen blend that I bought from JoAnn's that has been resting in the stash for several years. Here'a a quick photo of it on Ms. Acme with my first My Heart's a Flutter shell.

Needless to say, both parts of the wedding ensemble will be cream silk, but I think the basic silhouette works. I'll provide more details about the skirt in a separate post.

In other activities this weekend, DF and I put together some patio furniture . These are by Martha Stewart and came from Home Depot. Yes, it was as much fun as you think. However, they'll provide some nice seating now that they're all put together.


Jody said...

I'm getting nervous as your date draws closer - will you have enough time to pull this off? LOL! I do hope so!!!!
I like everything that you post here - your choices are wonderful. I also have this old Vogue pattern - bought it for the same reason - liked the vest and jacket together!
JoAnn fabrics sucks. I went there the other day and I was ready to purchase a bias tape maker with my 40% AND 10% coupons - wouldn't you know? They put it on"sale", taking a lousy ten dollars off so that the coupons could not be utilized. This happens A LOT. We should picket ...

Gernella said...

I remember that Vogue pattern so well.I must have made about five versions of it for work. It is a lovely pattern and I am sorry it got sent to the charity shop when my size grew. Never did the shorts although I seem to remember I did do the top.

You will look good in it.