Sunday, January 24, 2010

Butterick 3201: Finally Finished!

This skirt is one of those projects that has taken a lot longer to complete than it should have. True, most of that time elapsed because it got set aside. But then, there was the matter of matching the back seam, which took time. And later, I wasn't happy with the way the skirt looked after trying it on, too much fabric at the sides. A-line is probably not the best shape for me, and I felt like I looked squat in it. So I took 2 1/2" out of the circumference at the side seams, tapering to nothing at my hips. Much better!

I hemmed it a bit long, but I like how it looks with boots.

I'm not ready to retire this pattern yet, it's a classic shape and I've done the work needed to make the style look its best on me. But time to move on to something else. I've got patterns and fabrics laid out for three more projects: a Pure and Simple Shell, a Now Shirt, and a Tango Skirt to replace the one I recently trashed. I found some more brown rayon in my stash that would work well.

Oh yeah, I need to fire my photographer! ;-) DF cannot seem to get the hang of photographing me so I'm getting a new camera and tripod. At least then I can only blame myself for bad pictures!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Getting someone else to take pictures to you takes much patience on YOUR part and hoping that they will take enough pictures to get one good shot! :) Love the new skirt!

gwensews said...

Terrific skirt! Defitinely it's a winner and I'm sure you'll make more in the future. Photographing is difficult I think, no matter who does it. For every 50 pictures, maybe one decent.

Duchesse said...

That is a classic skirt. Lately my skirts this length do not please me; the style has shifted and while I can't wear above knee my longest skirts (round 35-36" are not right.
Though my legs are my least favourite feature (piano legs), I've had to bite the bullet and go shorter. Result: wearing more pants.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Duchesse, I agree in general about skirt lengths. I think shorter looks more modern. However, I'm not a fan of knee-length boots with above-the-knee skirts, expecially with an a-line. Since it's a classic, I'll leave this one as is and shorten any others that I'll be wearing with shoes.