Monday, October 12, 2009

Landscaping at Casa Flan

DF and I have begun a big project at Casa Flan. Well, not us exactly. We hired a landscaper to re-do the xeriscape in the back yard, since the original owners did not know that landscape fabric under rock is a must! One of the original owners is a friend so I won't get on his case too bad because he's not originally from here and didn't know any better. The landscaper will also clean up and refresh the front yard.

Unfortunately, I forgot the "before" pictures so take my word for it. Overgrown xeriscape doesn't look great.

Anyway, there has been much digging up of various trees and shrubs, relocation of cacti, trimming of the remaining plants, and moving flagstones for later re-use. And that's Day One.

Tomorrow, they'll be scraping up rocks from the back yard, leveling, and laying out landscape fabric. Wednesday, 12 tons of rock will be delivered and spread out, and after that it gets a little foggy. At any rate, they should be done by the weekend. It's still warm enough during the afternoons and evenings to enjoy our investment for several more weeks. I'm so glad we could hire somebody to do this for us instead of struggling with it ourselves. A gardener I'm not.

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Duchesse said...

It's wise to know what you can do, and hire the rest done. Besides, what if you injured your sewing fingers :)