Sunday, July 19, 2009

TSW Black and Cream Collection: Mimosa Top

So much for finishing in one day. Instead, I moseyed along with this one, a little bit each night. I finally got over my buttonhole phobia and finally finished this project by making a couple. Really. As of Thursday night, the closures were all that were left to finish for this top. It's ridiculous that I let such a minor thing hold me back. But now it's done! It's a bit of a stretch colorwise, but I figured an occasional spot of color could still fit into a black and cream collection.

True, this one is a little bit of stunt dressing. However, it was made for the ASG Conference and if you can't stunt dress at a convention, where can you? I actually think the print may be subtle enough that I can wear it here in Albuquerque without irony later on. Elsewhere, maybe not. I wore it on Friday:

Speaking of the Conference, I've spent a ton of money on some fabulous pieces of fabric that I love. And patterns! The Sewing Workshop has introduced a new collection of tops, which I had to buy. Also some of the Shapes patterns, which are a collaboration of Louise Cutting and Linda Lee of the Sewing Workshop. Needless to say, it's been pretty hectic around here but I'll post more about the Conference once I've had a chance to catch my breath.

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Terri K said...

Nan you look like you're having a great time at ASG while wearing some of my favorite looks. I also paired my latest Mimosa top with similar RTW pants in this photo.