Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ASG Conference Wrap Up

Just a few last thoughts I haven't posted about before:

The Sewing Hall of Fame inductee was Connie Crawford. She has done a lot for sewing in general and sewing for plus sizes in particular.

Martha Pullen gave the keynote speech. She's a good storyteller and had everyone laughing so hard. Pretty hard core religious, but in a good way, know what I mean? Everyone attending that lunch also received an issue of her magazine.

Silhouettes Patterns will be selling its patterns through some Hancock Fabrics locations. I suspect this is a test program that will be rolled out nationally if they sell well.

A follow up on the community service project. Over 5000 pillowcases were contributed to the local Ronald McDonald House, and several chapters made pillowcases for their local Ronald McDonald Houses too. We had estimated 3000.

Next year's conference is in Atlanta, and the 2011 conference is in LA!

The guy from Martelli should send an audition video to Billy Mays' company. Really. He would be an excellent successor. I couldn't believe his schtik for selling cutting mats and rotary cutters.

I have a new respect for models after walking the runway for the Sewing Workshop in black wooden platform sandals whose rubber soles fell off after a day in the car. I tell you, wood soles and metal runways do not play well together. I didn't fall, but I came close.

I think I've wrung as much as possible out of the 2009 conference, so I'm putting it to bed. If there are specific questions, I will be happy to post Q and A, but other than that I'm done.

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Bonny said...

Hi Nancy,

I just saw your picture on your last entry, and thought to myself,
I know her don't I? I looked at your site for something ASG, then saw your entrys for July. Yes, I think I do know you! It was funny to me anyways. Glad to see someone from ASG is 'outthere' in the blogging world. AND, It was a real pleasure sewing and mingling with you in July.
Bonny D from the Albany NY chapter.