Monday, June 8, 2009

How Did It Get to Be June, Already?

Hi everyone, this post still needs some editing, but rather than letting it go stale, I'm going to release it now and fix it later. Still working on moving items between the Dell and the Apple.

Since the last post, I've prewashed all the Park Bench fabric except for some of the small bits, and it's ready to be sewn. Not sure what to make though, but at least it's ready. I'd really like to sew it instead of putting it away.

Speaking of an attempt to control my stash, I bought some more containers. Unfortunately, the Sterilite I like has disappeared so I got some nearly equivalent Rubbermaid bins. It really bugs, though. Why do they always discontinue something when I only need a few more? Is this just the way it is? I should get over it and stop being obsessive, I know. Real Life never looks as tidy as "Real Simple." And I should sew up some of my fabric so I have more storage space. sigh...

I've begun another project, using an old favorite pattern, Butterick 4194, which appears to be OOP. I've made the cropped pants numerous times and the long skirt as well.

This time, I'm making the shorter skirt from some faux ikat cotton I bought from Louise Cutting, back when she had a bricks and mortar store in Florida. I'm not exactly sure how the designs were done; I suspect with some kind of fabric paint. They're not woven and not dyed--the designs lay on the surface and look woven at first glance. Regardless, it's nice stuff and a pleasure to work with. I expect this project to come together pretty quickly. It's just basic seaming with little or no handwork.

That's a good thing, too, because I managed to slice up my hand Saturday on a candleholder. I was cleaning it and the top edge broke off, leaving jagged edges. Stupid me, I put it in the kitchen trash to take out later, cut side up, then brushed my hand against it when throwing out something else. Fortunately it's my left hand, but I'm annoyed at being such a bonehead. I should have taken it outside to the big bin to start with.

This time last year, DF and I were in Vegas for my birthday. Of course that was the Big Five Oh, so a trip was in order. This year isn't such a big deal, although DF has come through with another great gift: the iPod interface for my car! It's a lot easier to use when you can change the music/podcasts through the car's controls and don't have to fumble around.

I also treated myself to some shopping yesterday--trips to TJ Maxx and Talbots. Bargains all around. Casual wear at TJ's, consisting of capris/crops/whatever they're called now. And a couple pair of sandals. Talbots started out as a simple stop to return a jacket, but they're having 40% off all sale items and well...I ended up with an olive pair of work pants and some accessories. The scarf won't be worn until fall. The 2 handbags will be used for a long time. Both are classic shapes in leather and amazing quality for what I paid.


ACorgiHouse said...

Hmm, iPod interface. That sounds very interesting... Happy Birthday! K

Marji said...

Happy Birthday.
I want to know about the ipod interface that is an aftermarket product. I don't want to replace my car stereo, but really want that interface.
I hear you on the constant need to organize and reorganize. Is it the Sterilite containers that have the locking handle mechanism that they discontinued?

Duchesse said...

Happy Birthday! Your sales scores sound perfect: great prices on things you'll wear.

Thanks to you I bought my first pattern in 20+ years, when in Buffalo NY a few weekends ago. Now I have to enter the fabric-buying phase and decide if I will make or someone else. Probably someone else, if I buy the fabric I have in mind I'll be too nervous to venture the sewing.

Mardel said...

Wow! Happy Belated Birthday!