Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Question: Anyone Interested in ASG Conference Posts?

The American Sewing Guild is having its annual conference in Albuquerque this summer. I'm considering occasional posts that will provide some information on the city and state. I could also post some observations based on my past attendance at this conference. All this would be supplemental as I'm only affiliated with ASG as a member and have not been involved in the planning in any way.

Of course, I'll be attending and it's likely that you'll see me working at the convention.

Is this a good idea and what kind of things would you like to know?


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested in learning of any and all aspects of this opportunity. My DD is a grad student at UNM so it would be a great time to visit, unless it is in August when she will be visiting us in Vermont.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what tours, if any, would you recommend. thanks, sue

Linda said...

Our chapter president is attending this year. I am sure it will be fun. I attended the one in DC several years ago and I will be glad when the conference comes back closer to me!

quilteddogs said...

I would be interested since I live just one state over from you.

Mardel said...

Hey, I think it would be interesting but since I've never been involved in ASG I don't know what would be interesting.

Also, I tagged you in a meme from my non-sewing blog. I'll use that link to sign this comment instead of my google/blogger account.

Anonymous said...

I've already registered for conference. This will be my 5th and I'm thinking of going by train.
Is the train depot far from the convention center? What about resturants that are walking distance from the hotels? Is there anything interesting to do in the evenings that is in walking distance?

nrf said...

I am debating whether to stay at one of the conference hotels or at the Sheraton (because I can get a discount there). How difficult will it be drive from the Sheraton to the convention center and how hard will it be to park at the convention center? I read something you posted about parking, walking at night, etc, but can't remember where I read it. By the way, I'm from Flagstaff so will be driving to Abq. Thanks for your advice!

Anonymous said...


I wonder if PatternReview members will be having a meet up? I would be interested in going to it. It would be nice even if it is for a short time.

I will be coming alone from Missouri. The gal that was coming with me her husband decided to come. I have already paid and registered, so I guess I won't be the only one coming alone. I guess you have to be adventurous at times.


Nancy (nanflan) said...


The only Sheraton in Albuquerque at this time is the one in Uptown near the Coronado Mall. The Sheraton Old Town has changed ownership. Even so, it's not that difficult to get downtown from there.

In short you'd take I-40 westbound to the Big I and get on I25 south. Exit at the Martin Luther King exit and go west. I think you run right into the parking structure.

The Convention Center has a parking garage and there is also underground parking across from the Hyatt.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

sue, are you talking about the tours on Monday or the spouse tours? Myself, I'm doing the Santa Fe tour on Monday.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

Michelle, I'm sure a meet up could be arranged if people are interested.