Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Bit of Four Play

La Belette Rouge posted her response to a meme this week and invited her readers to post four items about ourselves even if we weren't tagged. Well, all right. That's simple enough. I don't know if any of the following are "new," in the sense that I haven't posted them before, but none of them are recent disclosures at least:
  • I'm addicted to food shows. I watch the Food Network every Saturday morning, and I positively must watch Top Chef each week. I don't feel obligated to actually make anything I see on these shows, although there have been a few.
  • Although my house appears to be clean, I'm a lousy housekeeper. I have trouble investing a lot of time into toiling over a spotless home. I really should hire someone. But in the meantime, don't look too close if you come over to visit.
  • Ditto with gardening. I'm not very good at it, even though I have relatively easy care xeriscaped yards front and back. We're talking cacti, people! However, there are weeds to be plucked and leaves to gather from other people's properties. Uggghhh.
  • I'm a clothes horse. I blame it on my parents, who were frugal to a fault. All my cute RTW clothes as a little girl came from my Grandma and Great Aunt. God bless them, I could look nice at Easter and Christmas, at least. When I was preschool age, my Mom used to make darling little outfits for me, but she later lost interest in sewing. Not sure why that was, exactly. I will give my parents credit for encouraging sewing. Even when they weren't willing to shell out for clothes, but would finance fabric and patterns. Well, OK...that's probably a big reason why I have both a closet full of RTW and a room full of fabric waiting to become fabulous custom clothes someday.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I am so glad you played this meme game!!!!
1. I had a one year Food TV addiction and then I got satiated and rarely ever tune in.

2. I hate housekeeping and yet I hate leaving my house dirty. I don't mind being in a mess, I mind leaving a mess behind me. Wierd, huh?

3.Ugg, no gardening for me either. No thank you.

4. Me too. Never enough clothes or shoes.