Monday, December 8, 2008

Bling for a Good Cause

Yesterday was the annual silent auction and sale for All Angels Day School, which is affiliated with my church, St. Michael and All Angels. It was a good one, with lots of nice stuff to bid on, including a wine fridge, artworks, jewelry, pottery, etc. etc. I bid on several items but only won two:

...And that's OK because these are sooo nice. The earrings are sterling with turquoise and carnelian stones. The bracelet is sterling with garnets. OK, so I didn't get the Southwestern iron floor lamp or the sangria set (glass pitcher, matching stemware, wrought iron stand) . I don't really have room for them anyway, what with DF's things coming into the household. Jewelry is small and fits anywhere! These were not inexpensive, but probably still less than retail. And of course, the money spent went for a good cause.

I also picked up some baked goodies. Shout out to whoever made the raspberry and white chocolate scones. They were delicious! There are no photos of these because they didn't last long enough.

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Leslie in Austin said...

What gorgeous pieces! If you tire of that bracelet, you can send it to Aunt Leslie's Home for Wayward Jewelry.