Saturday, October 25, 2008

Relaxed Saturday Morning

I'm working on the annual review of my largest customer relationship this weekend, so I doubt there will be much sewing. No, instead I'll be at the office, analyzing and writing.

Maybe Sunday night, since DF will be at the Man Cave instead of my house. I hope I can find some time because I'm almost done with another Kwik Sew 2565 T-shirt. All it needs is the coverstitching at the neckline, sleeves and hem. I'll post a picture when it's done.

This morning I've been making copies of my new patterns so I can put them in my catalogs (for more on them, here's the original post on that topic). They've been sitting since the last big eBay purchase because I've been too preoccupied to buy supplies for my printer. Finally got around to it, so that's been a productive form of procrastinating before I head downtown.

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Anonymous said...

I was curious if you use a serger for sewing your t-shirts?
Love your blog by the way!