Saturday, March 29, 2008

More re: eBay

Still feeling a little bit frenzied with eBay, but it's abated a little with the completion of the Threads collection. Yes! I have all of them now, mine all mine.

To be honest, I think some of the enthusiasm over the early issues is a bit misplaced. Yes, there are some wonderful articles. But there are clunkers as well. I don't weave and I'm the world's slowest knitter, so those kind of articles don't help me much. So here's my take: there's no such thing as a Golden Age. OK, so I'm being a sewing heretic. But there you are. No Golden Age. Not for Threads, probably not for anything else. So be careful of nostalgia.

I'm still happy to have them all, though. It's cool to have an entire set of anything, especially when the collection has so much utility. Yep, I still think so, even though I've just declared the Golden Age to be a myth.

Another recent win arrived yesterday:

I was looking through the pattern selections on eBay and discovered a listing of 42 contemporary patterns from lessalt. In case you're a Stitcher's Guild member, that's the same lessalt (Leslie) as on that board. Knowing her tastes and size from Stitcher's Guild, I bid and won the collection. What a pleasant surprise when the box arrived yesterday! There were even more patterns than advertised. Leslie had discovered that one of the patterns in the collection was cut, so she added a dozen more to make up for it!!! Amazing!

It's been fun to go through them all and decide which ones are keepers. Obviously in an assortment this large, there will be some that are duplicates or otherwise just don't suit a person's taste. However, I'm keeping most of them--46 at this point.

Stage 2 of eBay will be starting pretty soon, and I'll start selling items once I open a separate checking account. IMO, it's a better practice not to co-mingle money. Initially, I'll put up excess sewing things like patterns, magazines, and books, then venture out into other items as I get the hang of it. Maybe I can clear out some of my excess and even make a little money. I'll let you all know once I'm set up.


Debbie Cook said...

I feel the same way about older Threads. I'm not a knitter or weaver either but even the sewing articles have mostly been repeated in subsequent issues or other places, at least in substance. I think I'm actually liking the lastest 3-4 issues the best. Good luck with ebay!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Wow - that is an impressive buy!
You must of had allot of fun going thru this parcel :)

Linda said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot with that eBay purchase.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

How kewl is that? I am sure that quite a few of those patterns will make a wonderful addition to your pattern collection!