Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend has been great so far. I spent Thanksgiving Day with my friends Fran and Steve, and managed a reasonable pig out. I went to the office yesterday since officially, we were open. But things were fairly slow and relaxed.

After work, I did some sewing-related shopping at JoAnn's and Hancock's. No fabric purchases. After the last internet purchase, I'm wondering where everything's going to go! I picked up a bunch of patterns--Vogues and Simplicitys. It seems like I can always make room for more of them. Here are the Vogues:

1020 is a nice wardrobe collection. I especially like the top, dress, and skirt.

1022, another Issey Miyake.

1023, what a neat coat! The short length is great for the climate here in Albuquerque.

8451, my favorite view is C, the cream top, although the puffed sleeves are beginning to grow on me.

8454, Marci Tilton. I love her designs.

8462 appealed to me because of the cowl tops and the simple jacket.

And here are the Simplicitys. Hancocks had these on sale 5 for $5, and since JoAnn's didn't have any special on this brand, another stop was needed:

3536 has a nice selection of knit tops. I especially like the draped neck version (the one without the shoulder cut outs), the short sleeved t with the ruching, and the sleeveless with the embellishments at the neck. I'm generally not a fan of the empire style as tops, but they'd make cute dresses if lengthened.

3562, I like that houndstooth jacket.

3796, this one's a repeat. But the last time I bought it, I cut out the pants in a larger size. At $1 per pattern, I punted and just got another copy.

4044, this one seems to be a popular vintage pattern, judging from the chatter on sewing boards and blogs. Although it's a 1940s style, I don't think it would be too costumey when made up.

7015, a very simple skirt design that I selected to perhaps work my way through some of the backlog of my fabric collection.

Once again, it's a holiday, so we had snow Thanksgiving night and yesterday. The trend continues! It's all melted though, and it's sunny and bright today.

I'm on my own for the rest of the weekend, so I'm hoping to do some sewing. I have some kitchen smocks (aka "Aunt Sook" aprons) cut out for my sister and her friend, which will be easy to make up even if my sewing mojo wanes again. We've nicknamed them after our great aunt, who always wore these when working in her kitchen or doing housework. I'll post more about them later in a separate post, so stay tuned.

Since I didn't cook on Thanksgiving and I'm home, I'm roasting my own turkey breast today. Mmmm, mmmm!


cidell said...

I picked up that vintage Vogue coat too!

Pam said...

I love all of your pattern choices! It makes me want to go buy more, but I have so many that I haven't even tried.

MéLisa said...

I almost bought Vogue 1020 when I was at the Wyoming Joann's on Sat. I totally forgot that I wanted to pick up that Simp 3536. Also now that I am working in Abq I wanted to find out about the ASG meetings you have posted about. If you don't mind that is!