Friday, November 9, 2007

ASG Annual Meeting

11/10/07: Edited to correct a few descriptive errors.

Last night was my ASG chapter's annual meeting and silent auction. It seems like our chapter is struggling a bit, having lost some members during the last year. But the new slate of officers seems good and hopefully, they can build some momentum for 2008. I don't participate in Guild activities as much as I used to, but I've made some long term friends and I'm supportive of any organization that promotes sewing.

I bid like wild at the silent auction and came away with lots of goodies. Unfortunately, I missed out on the set of cowboy china (service for 8), but whatever. The other things I won sure do make up for it! I carried home two bags:

And here's what was in them. First, the fabric.

Starting from left: the cream and beige fabric was described as an upholstery weight knit, and it's actually a jacquard woven fabric. It'll be good for a casual jacket. The small piece of print fabric is cotton that I'm planning to make some napkins from. The black border print is faux suede. You can't really tell from the photo, but it has self-fringe at the edge. It's going to be a western skirt, and I've already promised my friend Kim K. whatever's left so she can make one, too. The blue is a nice stripe cotton shirting, which is always useful. And the houndstooth, let me tell you, it's the prize of the evening! Silk suiting, 60" wide! 6 yards of it!!

OK, this picture has the small goodies, plus a book and some binding I won. The small items were laid out on tables and priced, so they weren't part of the actual auction. I thought this was a good solution to keep the auction from becoming overwhelming. The book is "Quick and Easy Vests and Jackets" by Kate Mathews, which cost all of $2.00. I was the only bidder. The dark green and plum binding is from a bag of felt binding, which is used for Pendleton coats. That was $1.00 and I was also the only bidder on this item. And the good thing is, the green matches the double faced taffeta I bought last month. The pink, lavender, and aqua items in the middle are varieties of picot edge elastic. The aqua is a little weak and may need to be pitched, but the other colors are fine. I also got a zipper, a spool of thread, 2 spools of floral ribbon, a marking wheel with a wooden handle, and a "snagnabbit" for knits.

Best of all, the whole lot was $26. I'm happy with my haul and the proceeds went to a good cause, chapter programs.


Anonymous said...

That suede with the trim is going to be super. I wish I knew where to get something like that. I've thought of making one, but I'm thinking I wouldn't do the fringe right.
Too bad about the cowboy china. I've seen some and love it.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I just tell myself "there's other cowboy china." For heaven's sake, I live in New Mexico!! It's gotta be a staple of the home decor shops here. Not that I really even need another set of dishes, I already have everyday and fine china. Not that DBF cares, he'd eat off paper plates.