Sunday, September 16, 2007

Some Advice

The refrigerator arrived yesterday, remarkably close to the unofficial time that the scheduler gave me. In other words, she could only guarantee a 4 hour block of time but she said it would likely be 5 pm. And sure enough, that's when the guys appeared. They said they still had 4 more deliveries to make that afternoon, whew!!

Anyway, the fridge arrived, it was the right color and it worked properly. And it almost fit into the space. I had measured the width before buying it, and it was perfect. However...did you know refrigerators are now taller than they used to be? Yep, that's right! Due to a cabinet in the nook, the fridge could not be put into place, leaving it sticking way out onto the kitchen floor.

So Ms. DIY (that would be me) got out her trusty handywomen's tools this afternoon and took out the cabinet. Only 6 reaaaallly long screws, 2 shorter screws, the removal of some molding, and the cabinet was out of there. And best of all, no injuries to me!! There are some holes in the back wall from the screws, but that's a repair for another time. I'm too hot and tired to deal with spackling and painting now. The fridge is properly resting in its place and doing its job of cooling, freezing, and dispensing water and ice. And that's good enough for me.

So here's the advice. Be sure to measure both width and height of your space and the appliance you're buying.


carolyndh said...

I'm impressed! Many of us wouldn't try to tackle that kind of challenge. Well done on the immediate problem solving and flexibility. Gold medal! Hopefully the effort is well worth it with a dream refrigerator.

Sharon said...

We discovered the height thing also when we shopped for a new fridge a few years ago. I would have done the same thing - even though my DH doesn't believe me I was quite the DIY gal before I married him :-) Glad it worked out for you!

julia said...

Good for you! I had to hire a carpenter to shave the counter top along one side of mine. Needless to say, if the fridge dies, I move!