Sunday, September 30, 2007

Q & A Re: Organizational Tricks Part 1

Awww, you all give me too much credit. Thanks Carolyn, Laura, and Lisa Laree for commenting. But really, you all are too kind. Keep in mind that all my systems have evolved over time. I didn't wake up one day and decide that this was the way it was going to be!

In reality, a lot of the rationale for developing methods and systems had to do with a) buying the exact same item multiple times; b) losing items (you know the feeling, "I know I have this someplace!! @#$%^! it!!"); moving (see point a and b); c) evolution.

By evolution, I don't mean in the Biblical sense, but really, this stuff starts small then develops a momentum of its own. In my case, I now have:

  • Several bins, 2 closets, a bureau, and a bookcase filled up with fabric,
  • At least 5 boxes of patterns, which were beer bottle cases in a previous life,
  • Years of classes, training, and inspiration over the years,
  • Lots of sewing, fashion, and crafts books
  • No chance that it will end anytime soon.

Something had to give and it wasn't going to be me (although sometimes I wonder).

Until this weekend, the sewing room had become quite a mess. While in an organizational frenzy (yesterday), I decided to tackle the sewing room as well. Lots of loose fabrics and flotsam have been put away, and I'm feeling much better now.

Laura, I'll go into more detail about the journal contents in a future organizational post. Good suggestion!

Artemesia, thanks for the kind words about my trip. I do hope to meet you in Taos someday. I look forward to seeing some posts on your blog, too.

Carolyn, thanks also for the advice on Fabric Fixx! I'll be trying to slip away and check it out! I hope that we will have the opportunity to attend one of these workshop/getaways together some time.

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artemisia said...

LOOOOOVE your organization, Nan! thanx for the inspiration to follow in your footsteps...>> if only you'd see my studio right now: a complete mess! My "excuse" is that I'm just too busy.. ;-)
Are you SURE you're actually having a day job?

yes, I will start blogging. - probably something about my retail experiences, trying to help artists/designers on how to establish a successful and lasting relationship with a gallery/boutique.
But for right now I'm still stuck on how to post a picture at the top of the page..