Thursday, August 9, 2007

Now and Layer

J.Jill isn't one of my most favorite catalogs. In general, its clothes are a little too "earth mother" relaxed for my taste. From time to time I do like individual pieces, and as a result, I'm on the catalog mailing list.

The new one came Tuesday and the new theme is "Now and Layer". I really like this because there are a lot of ideas for how to make transitional dressing work and extend the wearability of your wardrobe.

This theme could easily be carried into the sewing room--face it, you're ready to sew for fall aren't you? But you can't bear the thought of touching heavy fabric in this heat.

What do you think?

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Isabelle said...

Thank you for sharing the link Nancy, great inspiration! I love the first skirt and the brown jacket in the second row. Lovely colours and I am totally ready to sew for Fall - I'm going to start when I get back from holiday. The fact that we're having a rotten, rainy and chilly summer in France does help! ;)