Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Vintage Pattern Scans

I've had a couple of additional comments on specific vintage patterns from Linda and BjP. So, I thought it might be interesting to scan and post larger images so you could get a better look at them. I also included the backs of the envelopes.

McCall's 6761:

This pattern is copyright 1963 but the skirts are current looking. Skirt silhouettes do change, but this style is still going strong. And notice, even with the boxy tops, there are darts for shaping. There are a total of 4.

Here's the back of the envelope:

McCall's 5160:

And this pattern is dated 1959. Both views represent the grandest examples of robes that I've ever seen. Actually they are described as "housecoats" on the envelope. Is there a difference or has the terminology changed?

Can't you just envision the long one made up in silk satin?

This design is constructed with a bodice and skirt, and the skirt has 7 large, very flared gores, as shown on the back of the pattern envelope. I can't imagine wearing "foundation garments" (shapers in today's terms) under the robe to create the hourglass silhouette of the fashion illustration.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

These patterns are why women looked so good years ago...even though I love them...jeans have been the downfall to civilized dressing. It just gave wayyy tooo many women an excuse not to try! *LOL* Thanks for sharing both!

Anonymous said...

Around here, "housecoat" and "robe" are interchangeable terms.

I don't know about foundation garments, but I remember a lady in my neighborhood growing up (in the 70s) who wore pantyhose or knee-highs under everything including her pajamas and bathrobe.

Linda said...

Thanks for posting the larger photos. Yes, I can see that bathrobe made up in silk, and one in flannel too. But that is my NE living bringing that out. Flannel would be the death of you where you live! You have to make that bathrobe. Those large gores are something to see in a bathrobe. Talk about being fashionable even in your bathrobe. This pattern works for that!

BjP said...

Ooh, thank you for posting these pics! I would make - and wear - that McCalls skirt with the side seams in a heartbeat! I am so bored with "just" a straight skirt so am always looking for something a tad different. And I even like the top with the sleeves. Yummy pattern!

I know I'm showing my age here, but that robe makes me think of Loretta Young. I can picture her making a grand entrance in that!

BjP said...

I meant the skirt with the "front" seams! (The one on the left.) More coffee, please....

Linda said...

Love, love, love 6761. Why? I don't know but it is one of those patterns that just speak to me. I think it is the skirt that has the most appeal.