Sunday, June 10, 2007

TNT Skirt: Simplicity 9570

I planned to make this skirt (above) for dinner out with DBF on Saturday. I didn't quite finish on time, but fortunately I had another version available (below) that I made 3 years ago! They're both View B, but the new one is made with only the lower flounce and the older one is made with only the upper flounce.

I continue to wonder if the flouncy skirt is "done" but it keeps coming around in different variations.

This pattern is an out of print Simplicity from 2001. Views B and E strongly resemble Loes Hinse's Swing Skirt, but I bought this one at one of Jo-Ann's pattern sales back when they were 99 cents. I've made several skirts from this pattern--it's one I often go to if I need an outfit for an event on short notice. I've made it from panne stretch velvet, rayon challis, silk, and polyester silkies. It would probably work in linen/rayon blend, but definitely needs a fabric with a soft, drapy hand. The fabric I used this time is from Jo-Ann's. It's a lightweight poly with a woven texture. Whatever it is, it's one of the better fabrics Jo-Ann's has had recently--I have another skirt I made from the same type of fabric, and it's a favorite.

When I first bought this pattern, I typically made the longer View E, but lately I've been making the shorter View B. I haven't tried the other views, but how often would I need a gingham maxi skirt (View F) with a big old gathered ruffle at the bottom? View A with its small ruffle at the bottom is cute, but I haven't gotten around to making it yet.

I often make both views with just one flounce. One advantage of doing this (other than saving fabric) is that the front and back units can be sewn together prior to assembling the side seams. In general, working on the flat is always simpler than sewing in the round.

I added a lining to this one.I hadn't planned to originally but the woven texture of the fabric makes it a little more sheer than I'd like. So I cut the front and back pieces from lining fabric, serged them up, and attached them to the casing. I made a narrow hem at the bottom of the lining. I didn't include flounces because I didn't want to risk them showing below the skirt. Also, the lining's purpose is just to cover the "naughty bits"; the flounce can be a bit sheer since all it shows is my knees and calves.

Following Up:

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. It was a nice day, especially with my sewing board and blogosphere friends chiming in. I feel like I know people all over the world.

The dinner date with DBF was fun. Whisque has only been open a couple of months and seems to be filling a need in Albuquerque, judging from the crammed parking lot and crowded patio (despite the unseasonably cool evening). The bartender makes a fabulouso Mojito! I enjoyed the pork loin and DBF had the salmon, which we both loved. Next time, I might just get the shrimp appetizer, and add a salad for a lighter dinner. DBF ordered shrimp as his appetizer and they were wonderful! Like most restaurants these days, the noise level was high, ugh. I'd rather have it quieter so I could have an actual conversation. Oh well.


The end of the Sopranos. Buon' anima.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Like the latest version of your skirt and the fact that its your go to skirt in times of need.

And as for The Sopranos ~ what kind of ending was that????

Marji said...

happy birthday, a day or two late, but still, HB to you..