Friday, May 11, 2007

Following Up

First, thanks for all your kind words and thoughts. My finger is healing up, and although I'm still doing the neosporin and bandaid routine and the finger looks icky, it's got some mobility. I'm touch typing with the sick puppy right now.

As expected, I didn't get a whole lot of sewing accomplished this week and I did some shopping. Not all of it sewing related. Ann of Gorgeous Things posted about her new shoes and they were so great I had to check out the site she got them from! SmartBargains rules! 2 pair of shoes are on their way to Casa Flan. Although Zappos is still my favorite shoe site ever, I can see that SmartBargains will definitely be a worthy supplement.

I also got my patterns from the Vogue sale. Check them out!

Vogue 2946: This is the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta set of blouses everyone loves. Someday, somewhere I'll have reason to make and wear these blouses.

Vogue 8264: This one's been out for a while. It just looks like summer in New Mexico to me. Apparently some other southwestern fashionistas agree with me, because I've been unable to find it at any of the local sewing retailers.

Vogue 8178: Isn't this a charming little dress? I can see myself wearing this to the office as a suit substitute during those long hot months.

Thanks to Erin at A Dress a Day, I also found this little gem of a pattern:

Simplicity 3747 View F (the pink and white one) reminds me a lot of a favorite dress I made in college. The yoke was white with black splotchy dots and the body of the dress was black with white splotchy dots. I wore that dress to shreds, but unfortunately the pattern is long gone. Until now! Another cute suit substitute for the summer.

There are even a couple more patterns and a nice piece of rayon challis I found at Hancock's but it's late and I have a sewing class tomorrow. The Rami Kim class I posted about a while ago is almost here! I'll report back as soon as I get a chance, probably Monday after a couple of social evenings with DBF.


Linda said...

I like your patterns, but really like 8178. I have to wear more business type clothes so that would be a great alternative to suits!

Marji said...

I have the de la Renta blouse cut out, will let you know how it makes up.
Meanwhile, what a great find wtih 8178 - somehow I missed that number totally.

Danielle Ward said...

Im looking for the blouse and dress pattern. If you are finished with them im happy to buy. Please message me.

Danielle Ward said...

The vogue patterns im looking for are 2946 and 8178. Thanks kindly

NancyDaQ said...

Hi Danielle, thanks for the offer but I'm not ready to give them up yet. (sorry not on Google+ so couldn't leave a message for you there).