Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Photos

I mentioned in a previous post that I was a member of the Aesthetics Guild of my church, St. Michael and All Angels. Our job is to decorate the church for Sunday services and feast days. Here are some photos of our Easter installation.

We used yards and yards of lining and prom fabrics from JoAnn's to make the fabric panels. Thankfully, the layout and cutting was done by other members of our guild! My job, in addition to shopping, was to serge the edge of each panel and to sew the ends together. No small job there, but it really was a team effort. Thanks to everyone who participated in planning and labor!

The installation will be up through Pentecost. With a project this ambitious, you just can't have it up for one Sunday. We'll be adding some red as the liturgical season changes, so more shopping is in store.


carolyndh said...


Wow! Nice effect--I can see that is a lot of work. Yes, with that kind of effort you do want it up longer than just one day.

How did people like your lush outfit from Coldwater Creek? It looked really springy and fun in your photo.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Work like this is sometimes worth it in a tangible way too: One year our altar at Christmas was so lovely people were clamoring to take pictures after Mass, and exclaiming over it. The Catholic school's auction director had professionals donate their time to shoot and frame an 8 x 10 photograph of it, and it sold for over $400 at the auction!