Saturday, March 31, 2007

SWAP 2007: Loes Hinse Tango Skirt

I'm still working on my garments for the SWAP, even though I won't be finishing in time to meet the deadline. Today, I finished up a Tango Skirt in plum georgette. This is a super easy pattern, consisting of one pattern piece. Most of it is done on the serger too. The result is a 10 gore skirt that fits fairly close to the body, then flairs out at the bottom.

After I finished serging all the sections together, I realized the skirt was going to be too sheer. and I didn't think wearing it with a slip would look too great. So I drafted and cut out a lining loosely based on Els' instructions at the Sewing Divas.

I also decided to attach the lining to the skirt at the top of the casing--in other words, there's a seam instead of the usual fold. I sewed the lining and fashion fabric right sides together, then turned and edge stitched. Lots of pressing along the way. Next, I marked the sewing line for the lower edge of the casing and sewed with fashion fabric and lining wrong sides together, leaving a space to insert the elastic between the 2 layers. Nice result with little bulk.

This is the 3rd time I've made this skirt, and it's a keeper that I'll be making again. I previously reviewed this skirt on Pattern Review last June.

With this skirt, I have a top, 2 blouses, and a jacket to make in order to complete the SWAP. Since I've given myself time, I'll have the opportunity to test out the blouse and jacket patterns before making them out of the "real" fabric.


carolyndh said...


Your Tango skirt looks nice from what I can see. I just made a couple of them for the first time with linings. I will post mine sometime this week.

Just read your post on PR about not projecting "old" before your time. Yeah, I really agree with that. You are as old as you seem to be--why focus on age? I am with you.

Els said...

You're welcome.The skirt looks great.