Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shell Frame

Today's kind of a lazy Sunday. Yep, I probably should be in the sewing room but I felt like changing things up a bit with a simple craft project. So I worked on Florida Room decor instead. Sorry, no "how to" photos, but this is so easy that you could probably just figure it out for yourself.

I started with a cheapie plastic picture frame and a couple of bags-o-seashells from the craft store. I poured the shells onto a plate so I could spread them out for easier selection, then I fired up the glue gun and started sticking shells to the frame. I started with larger shells, roughly placed at each corner, then filled in until the frame was encrusted. Then I inserted the photo, and viola, more Floridiana! I still have lots of shells left so another project is only a matter of time.

This sort of project can be done with any assortment of small items. For example, buttons work well, if you're thinking of something with a sewing theme.

By the way, the picture is an old one of my sister Ellen and Daisy, her pit bull.

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