Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Santa Fe Road Trip

Today I was back in Santa Fe on business, this time for the ground breaking ceremony for the project I'm involved with. I received a hard hat and shovel (with golden blade) for my efforts, so now I really feel official! It was actually kind of fun chatting with the architect, builders and customers. One day soon, I need to go up on strictly a fun basis, or late enough in the day that I can play around at the Plaza, museums, and 10,000 Waves instead of heading right back.

As I headed back to Albuquerque, I detoured to the outlet mall again. This time I went to the Liz Claiborne outlet where I bought a couple of matching pieces. The top is a modified campshirt and the skirt is a yoked gore skirt with godets. Stylewise, they're identical to an outfit I bought there last year, although a different print of course. It doesn't hurt to have a basic dress look in the summer, and no one will realize they're the same. Tim Gunn, now that you're at Claiborne, please keep these 2 styles in production! Winners!

I think I'm going to take some basic measurements off the shirt. I like the fit and should be able to reproduce something similar out of my stash of fabric and patterns. And I have plenty of gored skirt patterns for a matching skirt or two. Professional yet cooler to wear in the heat than a suit. And of course the parts could be intermingled too.

I also got a pair of summer Clark's sandals at one of the shoe places. DBF likes "practical" shoes, so once in a while I'll follow his advice by buying something that meets his criteria. Throw him a bone, so to speak. He doesn't need to know I only spent $30. Actually, I really like Clark's, and with all the goat heads (burrs) in the back yard, I actually need some thicker soled sandals to guard against the accursed things!

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