Thursday, February 8, 2007

Trading Post, plus SWAP progress

My local ASG chapter has a monthly general meeting that features a Trading Post. Members bring sewing related items they no longer want, which other members can have. We put out a basket and you can make a donation to the guild when you pick out your items. All this is strictly honor system.

Any leftovers are sent to the women's prison in Grants, NM for their sewing program. The manager of this program is one of our members. She has a very limited budget for supplies and this is one way to help her.

Anyway--tonight was ASG night. The Trading Post was small but good. I picked up 5 cards of antique buttons, 2 magazines (that's a 2/07 Sew News and the Fall 2006 Cloth Paper Scissors), and fabric. The gold and black piece at the top is a remnant of a luxurious upholstery brocade--large enough for a trim on a jacket--a collar and/or cuffs. The blue fabric is lightweight crepe. Probably poly but a nice grade of it. There's more than enough for a blouse or skirt. The muted floral next to it is upholstery weight chenille tapestry--it's just wide enough for a table runner, maybe 2 of them.

Fellow ASG members, thanks for bringing in such nice swag. I'll try to remember to bring my grocery sacks of castoffs next month's meeting.

Also, the purple t-shirt continues. I got a chance to start sewing last night. The shoulders, neck band and sleeves are done. I have side seams and hems left to complete. Although I haven't tried it on yet, I think the fabric was the issue on the last one, not the pattern.


maureen said...

I often have left overs I could send to the prison. If you ca post an adress I will send some from time to time.
I enjoy your blog.

Nancy (nanflan) said...

I'll check and see how donations can be sent directly to her. Thanks!