Sunday, February 4, 2007

Progress in a couple of areas

I mostly puttered around the house yesterday, but made progress on a couple of projects that I've mentioned before.

I installed the bi-fold doors on the closet in the Florida Room. Much better! They'll be painted out once the weather gets warmer and I can ventilate the house. There's definitely a learning curve to this DIY stuff. I couldn't get the first set of doors to stay in the track until I figured out that I could use the cardboard packing material as a shim to level them while setting the pins and adjusting the height. The second set of doors took almost no time.

In addition to the aesthetics, it's nice to have the additional storage space. I'm leaving the desktop in there for now, so it'll be a place to spread out projects that I don't want strewn about, like the organization of my tax paperwork.

The other project fits the category of "getting back on the horse." I was pretty disappointed in the failure of the cream knit top so I decided I should re-test the Kwik Sew pattern I used. Fortunately, I had some quality cotton and lycra knit leftover from a previous project. I thought I only had enough for a shell, but there was enough to make a short sleeved T. The fabric is from Joann's, one of the rare ones that isn't polyester, a print or glitzed up. Hopefully it'll fit into the SWAP but if not, I can always use another nice T.

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Debbie Cook said...

The new doors look great. I know what a PITN bifold doors can be. Good luck for a successful new tee.