Saturday, January 13, 2007

SWAP 2007: I'm Official!

Yes, I'm still going to do the SWAP that I posted about in December. No, I haven't sewn a stitch yet. But I'm officially in as of today! I emailed my order to Julie this morning and my goodies will be sent out on Monday.

I ordered the Loes Hinse Kimono Jacket and Bergman Blouse for the SWAP (plus the Bacall Sweater, which is non-SWAP right now). I also ordered 4 meters of gold wool blend jersey, more than enough for a twin set or top with matching skirt. I haven't worked with wool jersey before, but I think it will be a good experience. With New Mexico's variable temperatures--warm days and cool nights due to low humidity and altitude--wool is workable for most of the year.

I'm hedging a little bit. I have no idea if I will have enough time to "do" the entire SWAP, but in any case, my plan is to try. If I can't sew it all, I'll probably post pictures of how I incorporated the sewn clothes with RTW items in my wardrobe. I wouldn't be eligible for judging but it would be helpful for those who like the concept but feel daunted by sewing that many items. There are many ways to work the concept! And after all, the goal is to have items that work together instead of lots of orphans in the closet.

I'm not feeling that bad about not sewing yet. I keep telling myself that planning is the key. So, here's the plan (subject to change, of course):

  1. Faux Wrap Skirt: This will be made from multicolor georgette using the Sewing Workshop's Sandra Betzina skirt.
  2. Blouse/Top: Also from the multicolor georgette. I haven't decided on which pattern yet. I'm attempting to create a dress look with the skirt.
  3. Jacket: My inspiration for this piece came from J Jill. The winter catalog featured a jacket that was very similar to Loes Hinse's Kimono Jacket. This will also be my reversible item. I'm going to make it from black fabric on one side and black and teal on the other. Black lapels. I also want to work in some binding from the multicolor georgette to tie everything together.
  4. Top: knit top from the blue slinky, using my favorite Kwik Sew t-shirt.
  5. Skirt: Purple georgette. I'm unsure of the pattern, but I'm leaning towards the Loes Hinse Tango Skirt. It might be a reversible garment, since that georgette will require a lining. Black on one side, purple on the other? We'll see.
  6. Blouse: purple georgette. Again, not sure which blouse pattern yet, but I have both the Bergman Blouse and a vintage Vogue on the drawing board. This will be another dress look when worn with the skirt.
  7. Black Skirt: Unsure of the design and fabric, but I'm leaning toward a pencil skirt.
  8. Black Top: My premade item. I have a textured Slinky top that I made years ago from the Kwik Sew pattern. This top is a workhorse.
  9. Cream Top: Kwik Sew again, made of cream color textured knit.
  10. Cream Pants: This is my RTW item. I have a nice pair of cream pants that I bought at Dillard's last year. My challenge here will be alterations. I need to take in the waist and shorten them.
  11. Another Blouse or Top: This is a wild card right now. Maybe the gold jersey will fit in here.

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Anonymous said...

Nan, Your swap sounds lovely - purple georgette and blue slinky - yum. I'm not in the swap, but I have the KS reversable jacket pattern. Is your fabric lightweight? I'm worried that it will be quite heavy when done.