Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Introducing Ghost and Smudge

Ghost and Smudge are my cats. No doubt, they'll appear in many pictures on this blog, so it's only right that you should know who they are.

This one's Ghost:

Ghost was a rescue from Albuquerque's Animal Control. She was a "dead kitty walking", scheduled for euthanasia the following day. Smart cat, she knew a paw through the cage was irresistable. She's supposed to be a Russian Blue, but has no paper work as a pound cat. There's definitely some Siamese heritage, though. She's got a mouth on her and has the same skinny physique. Ghost is approximately 17 years old. The vet says she's the healthiest elderly cat he's ever seen. Hopefully, she'll continue to be so.

Smudge is my other feline companion:

I realize he looks very sweet in the photo, but don't be deceived. He's a handful. He thinks he's the king of the house. Smudge came from PetSmart and was not an attractive kitten. But he was feisty; little did I know this was a trait that would continue to adulthood. He's around 7. You can't see it very well in the photo, but he has gray marks on his head, hence his name.


Anonymous said...

What cuties! Mine are all rescues too. My kitty was a rescue from our warehouse, and my dog is a rescue from Petsmart. She was a dead dog walking too.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Ghost! Hi Smudge! It's easy to see their personalities in these photos. What cute babies.

Melody said...

Cute kitties, I just love 'em. My cat was a "dead kitty walking" as well.