Saturday, December 12, 2009

Q and A

It's been a while since I've answered any questions, so I'll remedy that now. I haven't been doing a whole lot of sewing since Thanksgiving time due to houseguests, back spasms (owwww!), etc. I finally got my tree up last night, only a week late, and it looks great!

Today's projects will include cleaning up all the emptied boxes of Christmas decor. DF commented that the house looks like when he was moving in!

But in the meantime I thought I'd catch up on some recent comments:

Duchesse commented on Butterick 3201: That casual phrase "I've got the fitting issues worked out" made my blood run cold. That's why I abandoned sewing, and why my skirts looked like laundry bags. Ruined a lot of fabric and never got the issues worked out. And... does it have a drawstring AND a zipper? Nice shape, beautiful floral.

I've made my share of duds over the years (including this pattern), so I can relate. I think that's why a lot of sewers end up making the same patterns again and again. I'm planning on dragging out an old pencil skirt pattern next for the very same reason. And yes, the pattern features a drawstring and a zipper--IMO, the drawstring is primarily a style element and can easily be left off as I plan to do with the current project.

Marji also commented on Butterick 3201: BTW, check out Els tutorial on installing invisible zips using a reg zipper foot and a seam that is presewn. Excellent tutorial. I use her method sometimes and my #35 foot the rest of the time.

Marji, thanks for bringing up Els' tutorial! I haven't tried it yet but I definitely plan to use it when sewing the invisible zipper in this skirt. And thanks for the foot recommendation I am still pretty new to the World of Bernina and don't know my way around the mulitude of feet available!

Thanks to everyone for comments on recent projects. The pajama pants are easy projects that always turn out well. I have fabric picked out for another Pure and Simple Shell; although it's sleeveless, it'll be a good layering piece.


Marji said...

You're welcome. In fact, I've got a dress on the table now that requires a back seam pattern match, so I'm using Els method of zipper installation, because I can hand baste the zipper in and check the match. Using the #35 foot is faster and easier, however the "push" factor means that the match isn't necessarily going to be spot-on.

Duchesse said...

Thanks, it's nice to know even the pros struggle. I actually bought a pattern but I'm going to find someone to make it up.