Saturday, February 24, 2007

SWAP 2007: Butterick 3133

I started working on one of my key items this week: the skirt from my theme print. Originally, I planned to use a modified version of Sandra Betzina's faux wrap skirt from the Sewing Workshop, but I changed my mind after reviewing Butterick 3133 the other day. The fabric is polyester georgette, very wiggly, and a bit see through. I thought the faux wrap panel could be problematic, so I went simpler.

After interfacing where needed, I sewed up the back seam, and "uh oh." This just didn't look good. I had cut the back pieces double, and the pattern repeat was too off to match, but too close to look random. I debated leaving it alone, but decided that the only real choice was to rip and re-cut one of the back pieces.

But how? Match the print across the seam? I really thought about doing that, but a couple of issues came up. The fabric wiggles. A lot. Like if you breathe on it, it moves. So matching would be pretty difficult.

The second factor involved the print. Large and small circles. What if I did get that back seam perfectly matched and it ended up with a perfect bullseye on my butt? That would be terrible after all that work.

So I decided to make the seam look random. It actually isn't.

Here's what I did. I laid out one of the previously cut pieces on the fabric. Both the yardage and the cut piece are right side up, just as it would be when sewn. Note that I didn't press out the seam allowance or the slit. Once I decided on a nice appearance, I made sure the fabric was on grain. Then I pinned just beyond the folded-under edge of the cut piece.

Here's another view of the pinned seamline after removing the cut piece. The seamline has also been marked on the pattern.

This photo shows the pattern laid over the pins, with the pins and the marked seam line aligned.

Here's the completed seam after being pressed flat. A lot better, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Nancy, who would have thunk that fabric pattern would require such work! The "random" match does look much nicer. Keep SWAPing!

Kathy, also in NM

Gaile said...

Wow, that's a fabulous print! Where did you find it!?

NancyDaQ said...

Gaile, It came from Joann's! The one on the West Side of Albuquerque often has good stuff in its bargain area from jobbers.