Sunday, December 20, 2009

Butterick 3201: Progress

Work on the skirt continues.

I installed the invisible zipper, using Els' instructions. One thing I'd do different next time is to use a longer zipper; the one in my stash was the perfect color match but a bit too short for the technique. I ended up with wavy stitching lines at the bottom of the opening because I couldn't avoid sewing around the zipper stop. I'd recommend using a zipper at least a couple of inches longer than the opening to avoid this problem.

I also stitched around the waist to provide additional stabilization (I previously pressed on some stay tape) and to mark the waist seam for later. Then I sewed up the side seams. Nothing exceptional there.

The skirt is resting on Miss Acme, waiting for the lining to be made and attached.

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Els said...

Hi Nancy, yes that is part of the trick to use a longer length zipper.
Another way to provide stabilization to the waist is to sew a piece of tape just a hairline away from the original stitching line.

Good luck finishing the skirt lining.